The picture is not accurate of the exact build this unit does not include backing plates as shown in the picture. 357 rear end. bumpers must have tow chains front and rear no push bars in front or rear of car hood and trunk may utiilize stock hinges, but must be secured with hood pins no hulling or lightening of body. . 91 Here is my 1994 Ford Crown Victoria LX. 6 ltr engine. . Ring Gear/Pinion 3. 49. 31 gears 163k miles. A smaller engine will need a lower rear end to give adequate acceleration. 5 & 8. 1 rear axle with the Trac-Lok LSD, giving it one of the most desirable rear ends among Crown Victoria enthusiasts. Jump to Latest Follow. Model: CROWN VIC. The Detroit Truetrac is a helical-gear style performance differential that If you hear on your Crown Vic a rear end noise like a click or feel a vibration, you could have a rearBmw 318i rear 41 ratio differential diff assembly e30 85 91 oem 325i fits. 73 Rear End with a Th400 with an overall gear ratio of 6. Moser Rear End * Moser 3rd Member POSI * No 3rd Member 3. 2561 I want to replace the rear gear differential with a ford 2. US Seller. This mark is made to identify where the center is, or theThey are complete with rear covers, axles, trailing arms, calipers, rotors, flange, carrier, gearset pinion. Code: Gear Ratio: Type: BG: 3. 8. 73: 8. It may have the 2. On the tag there should be some numbering such as 3. RepairShellService. ) Lets say we have 2 gears. Tips for a great answer Start your question with What, Why, How, When, etc. Dodge will also bring V-6 (3. 26:1 gear found in some of Keep in mind, if your tag is missing, you can refer to the methods mentioned above to identify your current gear ratio and rear-end size. This is also due to the fact that the transmission is staying in 2nd gear and the gear ratio provided by 2nd gear is gonna' keep the engine working pretty hard at any speed above 35 MPH. and 19-in. 2 mm rear — — — GT Performance Package Level 2 — 33. Get free help, tips & support from top experts on ford axle ratio codes related issues. Ring Gear Rotation Standard. a lower-ratio rear axle for quicker acceleration, and dual 3L73 = 3. « Reply #9 on: April 25, 2010, 12:37:40 am ». As long as the codes on the Tahoe matched the Denali your good to go. Standoff Ends With Peaceful Detainment | San Diego. 55 ratio police model: Steering Gear Steering Pump Maximum Load Single lb. 08 as listed) and finally the 225 tires. ค. 70 Ratio Truetrac (Most Popular) (,925) 3. 73, 3. 8" Rear Axle 1986-2014 Installation. And looking at the axle tag above, you can see it's a 3. They and their third members are NOT compatible with each other, but entire third members can beWhat rear end gear ratio do I have in my Chevrolet or GMC › Best FAQs From www. 8 rear ends offered the Ford Traction-Lok limited-slip and can usually be identified by the presence of an 'L' in the ID tag inside the gear ratio listing. just punch in trans ratio, rear end ratio, and tire diameter and it will give you the RPM at speed from 50 to 120. 88 ring and pinion along with a 3. 30 Ratio Ford 9 inch rear end. 2wd. Tech Info. I am running 32 TSLs now on stock shocks and 2. Second Gear Ratio 1. Transmissions use gear ratios to keep your engine within a safe and economical operating RPM range, while giving your vehicle theTrying to figure out rear end gear ratio without takeing rear end cover off. Are Crown Vics good cars? 2009 ford crown victoria - lancaster, scsouthern motor companylancaster, sc 29720ph: 7045521988web: www. As seen below, there are only 4 codes (2 - 5) and they do not define the axle ratio nor capacity. 5" 14 Bolt - Rear Axle: 3. 9-15. Code Application Ring Gear And Pinion NL or L Axle Shaft Splines Additional Information; Ratio: Diameter of RG: C001-A: Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis 92-93 Notes: Rear, With 2. Low gears give fast acceleration, high gears give better cruising. Aluminum Drive Shaft. These numbers are the number of revolutions the speedometer Description: E150-350 vans. The rear end on the pre-1998 crown vics will drop really low after the shock absorbers are removed with the limiting factors being mainly the rear sway bar and the twisting action of the rubber bushings in the control arms. A high numerical gear ratio is called a low gear or low rear end, and vice versa. 08 gears with the electronic version of the Personally I like my final ratio to end up in the 2. Rear Brake Rotor Diam x Thickness (in) Seventh Gear Ratio (:1) Final Drive Axle Ratio (:1) 2. Nitro Gear & Axle AXF880022 - Nitro Gear and Axle Direct-Fit Axle Shafts. net. 73:1, this simply means that the drive shaft (which is connected directly to the pinion gear) is going to rotate 3. Another difference is Ford's "severe duty" shock absorbers that offer a stiffer ride than the civilian Crown Victoria. 27 ratio. 6L 2009-2011 Ford Crown Victoria 4. 73 axle ratio) Gear Ratios. 5+ cars with modification on the Ford F-100 Crown Vic Front Suspension Swap. Anyway, I have my answer. 1-Year Warranty. 1 rearend. To verify, or to see if that ratio has changed, you can jack up the rear axle and support it Yukon Gear & Axle manufactures a full line of top quality small parts to complete any job including ring gear bolts, crush sleeves, pinion nuts and washers, axle studs, thrust washers and much, much more. 73 and 3. The more powerful lx sport comes with a 239 hp 4. does anyone have a high speed crown wheel and pinion set 3. 73 rear axle ratio with a speed limitation of 110 mph; Ford’s “severe duty” shock absorbers; T-409 stainless steel dual exhaust systems without resonators Feb 06, 2010 · It varies depending on model year but most Ford Crown Victoria's have 5x7 / 6x8 speakers in the doors and 6x9 speakers in the rear deck. Thanks everybody on here that helped looking for a rear end for my car. 636 brings the final gearing down below 3. That will be your first new gear ratio choice. Higher the number on your overall first gear ratio the harder your launch. Housing, with OEM located mounting provisions, seamless steel tubing (3" O. 84 . Detailed specs and features for the Used 2010 Ford Crown Victoria including dimensions, horsepower, engine, capacity, fuel economy, transmission, engine type, cylinders, drivetrain and more. 2554 My mechanic has a Crown Vic rear end w/low miles that he says will fit, except that it has a 3. 27 or 3. May 25, 2011 · The 2V 4. ADTR's kit includes all parts needed to complete a 6 speed swap in your 2003-2011 Crown Vic. However, other upgrades like replacing a three-speed automatic transmission with a four-speed automatic or switching a three-speed manual transmission to a modern five-speed overdrive unit will also cause erratic The Touring Sedan also boasts the 3. 11341. a crown victoria exhaust of the same year will fit on a grand marquis of the same year. 75: Shop/Dealer Price 2. Look a t the bottom of the speedometer face for the numbers 940, 960, 1000, or 1020. rides: 93 Crown Vic LX (The Red Velvet Cake), 2000 Crown Vic base PantherBB. Sterling 10. 00 or even 2. 73:1 all the way to 4. P71-style blackout available 1999+. Returns Accepted. Almost all 8. com. 73 ratio (ABS) 3. for the diff ratio, I rarely ever touch it. Knowing your rear end's gear ratio is crucial when you are considering a transmission upgrade, needing to calibrate the speedometer gear in your transmission, selecting theHome. 2001 Ford Crown Victoria: Ford Crown Victoria is an automobile that has a 4 door saloon (sedan) body style with a front mounted engine that delivers power to the rear wheels. My SLR is 9. Third Gear Ratio 1. Before people start going a bit crazy, the police interceptor and the civilian Crown Vics are kind of the same besides the police interceptor, or the p71, has a higher rear end gear ratio and final drive which gave the carGoogle mustang crown vitoria rear disc brake conversion look for the one on the mercurycougar fourms and a guy named fast merc puts together complete kits and instructions for like 270+. I believe the rear end is an 8. 168:1. See complete 1997 Ford Crown Victoria Specs at iSeeCars. 2554 Though the job itself is a dirty one, the removal and replacement of the differential carrier is pretty straightforward. , 10-Bolt, Set. 7L is. 79 Tony Stewart Drywall Crown Vic’s 2020 Rules 3/12/2020 A. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. . Hot Car. 00 DIFF RATIO FORMULA. Good luck and keep me posted, If you'll like me to let you know your rear axle ratio and if it's a locking or not just ask, be glad to helpThis item: Yukon Gear & Axle (YA F880038) Rear Axle for Ford Crown Victoria 8. Let us start off with a brief overview of these 4-door beasts. 54 or 3. It is also important to know the ratio … how to calculate rear end gear ratio. Couple of places selling 4. 22 was standard as well. Trucks came with front and rear shock absorbers and 1,025 lb. The following table shows the various Ford part numbers and gear ratios for the matched ring and pinion gear sets used on 1928 Axle ratio refers to the gears in a truck's differential, which connects the rear axle to the driveshaft and then the engine. 10:1 ratio! And to make it weirder, the car accelerates pretty stoutly off the line in first gear, which I would not expect with such a "granny gear" (granted,this motor is built up pretty extensivelyTop Rear End Gear Ratio brands try to offer some unique features that make them stand out in the crowd. I am looking at a 2004 Crown Vic Interceptor at a Ford dealership. front springs, and either; 1,400 or 1,750 lb. 27:1 rear axle ratio were generally limited to approximately 128 mph (206 km/h). Track Price Check Availability. The 3. › Get more: Determine rear end gear ratioDetail Convert. 6 litre capacity. Motive Gear master bearing overhaul set for Dana 60 rear ends which were installed on certain performance Mopars. Asking 400 please call or text Ben at show contact info. 31:1: EcoBoost: DD: 3. Discussion in '3rd Gen 4Runners (1996-2002)' started by 4wheeltoyo, Aug 3, 2015. 8L: Service type Differential / Gear Oil - Rear Replacement: Estimate 8. unless maybe the police inter-scepter model had some thing different The S13 held up great but my biggest issue is the rear end gearing. Gear Ratios. 27 rear gear ratio, front and rear Mar 14, 2010 · Most of them have traction control and Traction-Lock, which means spinning the rear wheels is almost impossible on any surface… They could be ordered with either 3. • 72 amp/hr maintenance-free battery w/battery saver. 8" In A 5. 10 3. Have rear axle out of 2004 ford ppv crown Vic. (What you see below is a previous search for a Mercury Grand Marquis Rear Axle Assembly and does not include all the Rear Axle Assemblies in YOUR area. Kinda on the low end, which I accept because I bracket race. They light up with low power as parking lights, then they get brighter when the turn signal or hazards are activated. There are two driven gear housings, one for 34 through 39 tooth driven gears and one for 40 through 45 tooth driven gears. check the tag on the rear axle. It has an output of 120 bhp (122 PS/89 kW) of power at 4000 Service type Differential / Gear Oil - Rear Replacement: Estimate 8. 42 or it may be GV which is the rear axle ratio codes. All our 2010 Ford Crown Victoria Rear Axle Assembly inventory come with a 1-year warranty, FREE shipping and 30-day money back guarantee. Additionally, find 2004 Ford Crown Victoria warranty and reliability information, such as limits on bumper-to-bumper coverage and major components. · 9 mo. Подписаться. One of these P71 Find the best used 2011 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor near you. crown vic conversion with a 4 inch drop. 73 rear axle ratio with a speed limitation of Code: Gear Ratio: Type: YY: 3. 13. 87 low gear and brake, 5:13’s and 2850 lbs. Details: The rear axle ratio of your car is instrumental in determining which transmission gear set is best suited for your car. 55 and 3. The rear springs were 1,000 lb. Both cars included restyled front- and rear-end components. Later models were fitted with braces on the outer casing of the rear-end to provide additional support to the rear-end housing. My "two cents" worth. May 03, 2012 · If you're ultimately going to be using an overdrive trans, I'd say to go with at least 3. 50 gears. • Rear wheel drive. r/CrownVictoria - How's my crown vic drawing?Civilian models have 2. and end with a "?" Be clear and specific. 27:1 ENGINES WHEELS 16" Chrome-Plated Wheel Optional on LX 16" 9-Spoke Alloy Wheel Standard on LX 16" Steel Wheel with Cross-Spoke Locking Wheel Cover Standard on Crown Victoria 17" 5-Spoke Alloy Wheel Standard on LX Sport 2006 FORD CROWN VICTORIA 4. I think this combination will make a noticeableSwitching your rear end gear ratio helps your gas mileage or improves your power! Now you know your ring and pinion ratio to see parts that are available It's just backwards from the way we think, if you have a 4. 23: Smooth Idle, Stock Compression: 1500-1700 : 1700-1900 : Saturday Night Special® Stock to 265° Stock to 3. If it is original it is a 3. 1. Since 02-05 GMT360's came factory with 4. 15 axle ratio; "27" refers to a 3. Everything else is equal. 9 Inch Pro Mod Rear End; Gear Ratio Calculator; Order Forms. Project Crown Vic. Do those Aug 09, 2020 · Key to good performance with these cars is rear gear ratios. What are the stock ring and pinion ratios for 92 and 93 Vic? My grandmother's 93 CVLX had a 3. Yes, you will have to consider changing your front wheels to match. 8" 28 spline trac lok differential. Years for Ford Crown Victoria | Car Specifications. Listing Of Websites About crown vic rear axle measurement. 7 1/2 gear. If you got the optional towing or taxi package with your civilian crown vic, it was probably slightly faster than the police interceptor. In 2017 we will be developing a manual transmission conversion kit for the 2003 - 2012 Ford Crown Victoria platform, including the 2003 Be sure to sign up to our email list to be among the first to get the details. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 20, 2011. Odometer: 8,932 miles. AM GeneralFORD FINAL DRIVE RATIOS Find your transmission and rear gear multiplier below. 79 ratio, open differential. Jul 07, 2018 · Overall first gear ratio is first gear in your transmission x rear end gear. 8 in. 73 gear ratio. 00(third gear in the A833od). Its current incarnation has been in production since 1992 at Ford's St. 27 Traction-Lok rear axle from a 2010 CVPI w 46K. With 8. 70 Ratio Wavetrac (,000) 3. 08 gear ratio. [5] Ford used an aluminum metal matrix composite driveshaft for the 1999–2001 CVPIs as a measure to allow safe operation at 126 mph (203 km/h) with the 3. 55 ratio, "B6" for a 3 Dec 27, 2001 · I made a little program to calculate MPH in any gear-RPM combination to help me figure out which 6 speed to buy and what rear end to switch to. 73:1 rear axle ratio down to a fuel-saving 2. The ford crown victoria carries over with minimal changes for 2009. Your axle ratio would be 3. Also how much does changing gear ratios generally cost? and what is the pros and cons of changing your gear ratio? If you have a 2. This compares to the standard non-P71 2. The low range gear ratio is 4. 1990 – 1997 Ford Aerostar; 1983 – 1996 Ford Bronco; 1992 – 2010 Ford Crown Victoria; 1983 Ford E-100 Econoline 30 ม. Find Crown Vic Custom at the best price . Average repair cost is 0 at 131,450 miles. Forward Axle Rear Axle Axle Capacity Gear Size DDP40(P) RDP40 40,000 Lbs 15. 8" diff. 27 gear ratio and a posi trac rear end. 5 ring gear. 28. All models. 3. This link has some info on Ford rear ends. They did have different rear ends - stronger and different gear ratios. What does the Rear Differential do?I will be running 32 in tires on mine and I'd rather have too low a gear (higher numerically) than too high of a gear. The diagnosis is free of charge if the I am fully aware of the issues with reprogramming aftermarket tire sizes in the earlier pcms but I have never heard of issues with programming for gear ratios. I have the rear end out and counted the pinion teeth (19 ) and the ring gear has 47 teeth = 2. 8 feet/11. 75: 1995-2003: Ford Explorer 8. 59-0. 2560 and I had a crown vic with 3. Rear Drill Slot Brake Rotors And Ceramic Pads For Ford Crown Vic Grand Marquis (Fits: Crown Victoria). Rear end gear ratios have a significant impact on how your car performs. The dual rear wheel does provide more payload and the 4. But, 10. Your differential is the set of gears that allows your vehicle’s driven wheels to revolve at different speeds by splitting your engine torque in two directions…. 73 Ratio 114K. If you went the other way and changed the rear axle ratioJust wondering if there was a way to tell what rear axle/ratio I have by decoding the VIN? I have the VIN handy if anyone has a decoder, or knows the codes. No aftermarket Lockers 5. Rear end gear ratio. YA F880018 - Yukon 1541H alloy 5 lug rear axle for Ford 8. This chart applies to all Ford non-overdirve transmissions manual and automatic. 8" Differential parts are in stock and ready to ship today at West Coast Differentials. ,700. These are OE gears that are made by American Axle Manufacturing. The first digit is often partially under the diff cover bolt. Dec 03, 2002 · "did a little research, they have the 8. 10 = 10. If it was a 442, it would be the stronger 8. How To Find Rear End Gear Ratios Ranger Forums The. Part Manufacturer Number: KAM528. gear: https://amzn. Some 8. {{ vm. 0-liter Ford Rangers and Explorers/Mazda Navajos. Was: 4. 9 hours Need rear end gear ratio advice. 56 . 5- inch rear axle. Mark VII. 31:1: V6: CG: 3. It comes in three trim levels: standard, lx and lx sport. 55 ratio. Pre-2006 Police Interceptors equipped with the 3. North Augusta, SC. Complete with good drums, shoes, and hardware. This is the Ford REAR AXLE section of the 57-72 Car classic Ford parts list at CG Ford Parts. Please contact Troy Vaccaro at 419-627-5982 to schedule an inspection or via email: [email protected] 265-inch) differential bearing shim on LH side of subassembly. 55 rear gears, it is only turning about 1800rpm at 60mph in overdrive, and only around 4700rpm going through the quarter-mile traps at 106mph in Drive! Bearing Oil Seal, Left. Motor Torque x gear ratio = torque at the wheel. GEAR VENDORS reputation for being the best is because of its … Continue reading Ford Drive Ratios → Ford later used this transmission as a basis for their newer overdrive transmissions, the electronic overdriven AOD-E, which was used beginning in 1993 and in the 4R70W which was used on '99 and up production cars and trucks. rear end gear ratio explained. 8" rear axle with approximately the same components. Rear Axle Codes Determine Gear Ratio Ford Ranger Forum Coding Axle Ford Ranger. More Details. 8-inch rears to choose from: Model Year Gain insight into the 2004 Crown Victoria from a walkaround and road test to review its drivability, comfort, power and performance. My rear is about 56", crown vic was 65"! Most all the police mustangs are 3. 08:1 rear. Fourth Gear Ratio 0. Free shipping. On any rootes small car axle, there were two types of gears. 3 liter engine and an automatic transmission?… read more. example – 4. The Explorer rear does have the big axles/bearings and 31 spline axles, but the pinion is offset quite a bit and it has 3-1/4" x 1/4" thick axle tubes and heavy i thought u said i couldnt fit the explorer 31splines in the crown vic rear? that the axle ends are too big and i would have to fit the explorer axle ends and bearingsI've seen alot of info on overall ratio wrt transmissions, but I am curious as to what the rear end ratio of the 370 limited slip differential setup is? Ishtim has an automatic, so his car has a 3. Oct 05, 2012 · This is due to the fact that the transmission is starting out in 2nd gear. Gear ratios were available in 3. Rear end gears are always a compromise. for example, in all of the other numbers, the tag on a crown vic police interceptor might say 3L55 which means it has 3. 55:1 trac loc rear axle ratio with 120 mph speed limiter was also available (Axle code C6). 6340 lb axle. , Mercury 86-91: 2. The 1998 police package P71 had a chrome grille, chrome door handle trim, chrome bumper strips, and a chrome-trimmed flat black rear fascia with the “Crown Victoria” badge. rear end gear ratio. 0. From 1975 to 1982, it was the premium model of the Mercury Marquis line of full-size sedans, becoming a standalone model line in 1983. 27 ratio (ABS) 3. Ford crown vic rear wheel? Yes, but what is the question?? Check the SPID in your glove box. So if your 3rd gear is . 36 x 2. 22 differential has 8. the only areas on car Ford Crown Victoria Ltd Slip (Posi) 03-09. 13:1 axle ratio for the 2WD Offroad), 2WD Xterras came equipped with the C200 axle and the 2. 22, use the same for the new gear. 42 or 3. using Moser Engineering owned Casting Boxes. 2 2007MY Crown Vic Police Interceptors equipped with a 3. This Final Drive number is also your torque multiplier when in that gear. Calculated RPM: 1151 (seems a bit low to me, may have to topAre you looking for "Crown Vic R2 Rear End Code"? We provide aggregated results from multiple sources and sorted by user interest. Don't the Crown Vics/Mercs have a solid rear axle, as opposed to independent suspension in Explorer? If so, absolutely impossible to put Vic rear center section in Thanks for the quick answers, but you guys are right about the Vic's solid rear axle. 2554 I wonder what rear axle ratio it has. Https Encrypted Tbn0 Gstatic Com Images Q Tbn And9gcsiwjhl6bipdtr1aai9na04gvqq2 Ohvjy2v9rx550iitf5nlbu Usqp Cau. Installing the pinion 22 ม. the door sticker does not have an axle code on it(theres a blank space where it should be). 15:1: SelectShift EcoBoost/GT: GG: 3. 0 FI - K Normally the first digit of the gear ratio will be hiden under the bolt head holding the tag in place. From 1997 to 2013, the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor was the most widely used automobile If for example you have a rear gear ratio of 3. Aug 15, 2010 · An 8. 2003 (40A): Crown North America (Police veliicle option); 2004 (50A): Police rear access power point (Police vehicles only). just have no idea the stock gear ratio in the rear end. Air spring. 10:1 ratio with an 8 1/2 ring gear. For twelve years, the Crown Victoria's physical design did not change. 6 was just fine. 38To find your Mercury Grand Marquis Rear Axle Assembly from a RECYCLER NEAR YOU, just enter the YEAR of your vehicle and your ZIP code in the above form and press the "FIND" button. Went on youtube and got some instructions. Ford finally answered our prayers in 2003 with the introduction of the Mercury Marauder. 73 ect up to GU6=ratio 3. A strobe light tachometer could determine the tachometer accuracy. 56:1, pick the ratio you currently have or are planning to install. Gasket, timing chain cover, no. one of the G** Codes will be the rearend ratio G80 means you have a locking(posi) Rearend. 73 rear axle Transmission, 4-speed automatic ; Final Drive Ratio, 2. I just bought a truck, and the other day I weas going down the high way and the left rear tires just locks up . Couldn't remember how to do it rear end gear ratio. Extra cost spring options were the; 1,250 lb. 27 axle ratio. Call our Rear-End Parts experts for LIVE help. Trim Info: Rear Wheel Drive, 4 Door Sedan, Large Final Drive Axle Ratio (:1):. "Crown Victoria Find FORD CROWN VICTORIA Differential & Rear-End Components and get Free Shipping on Orders Over at Summit Racing! 4. IIRC 2V 4. Jul 19, 2007 · Tampa Bay Area. Rear-Axle ratio of 3. 8 57 inches. The power is produced by a naturally aspirated engine of 3. 73 gear ratio with a limited slip in a 8. Yes the bench seat is compatible with the 5 speed swap, you'll actually have to bend the shifter back a little so you don't end up punching your cup holders everytime you shift it upwards lol. 2557 Well-Known Member The splines on the axle shaft have nothing to do with the gear ratio. Has 3. 2555 I'd love to see proof of the 9″ rear because all the gear ratios listed 89 Grand Marquis that I did a CC on back at the end of November, The best way to tell if your car has trac loc rear end is to look at the axle tag. it depends on the engine and trans the car came with and if it had an optional ratio, but the most likely is a 2. or Best Offer. Rear end gear ratio is boiled down to lower numerical values giving better acceleration, torque, top speeds, and better fuel economy. CROWN VICTORIA 92-94 drum brakes, w/ABS. 50 inches * The 2010-2011 Ford Ranger 8. It's easy to look up what years will work, and there's even the info to look at the door sticker of the explorer or mountaineer and tell the gear ratio and limited slip or not. I bought a 2004 Crown Vic rear end that has 3L27 gears in it. 10: 30 / 1. 3 mm front x 24 mm rear — — — Moser Rear End * Moser 3rd Member POSI * No 3rd Member 3. Ford Crown Victoria with 10 Bolt with 1. Ford used rear disc brakes on the 2010-2011 Rangers, so Ford Shortened the axle housing and shafts to compensate for the extra width created by the disc brake setup. The newer hypoid and the older spiral bevel type. 8-inch axle is actually narrower and has shorter shafts than the 2009 and earlier models. STEP 2: Install a 6. 08 8. 73 with the low first gear on that trans. 50 Ratio Truetrac (,800) *3. 73 axle ratio--the P71 police models got a 3. To verify, just put the rear-end up on some jack stands, put in neutral and rotate the tires. This year's special service category includes the pursuit-rated Chevrolet Tahoe Rear End Application Guide Ford 9 Inch Third Member Aluminum Case - Our aluminum cases are manufactured from premium material sourced in the USA, designed and machined in-house, and offered in various forms to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications. I slammed on the brakes , hoping it was So I said **** this and looking to buy a new one. Darren. Take 6 or 8 speed. Stock springs cut by 1/2 a coil to drop the ride 2 inches. 42 Has anyone done this and if so are you happy with the outcome? Also, want to change sway bars from OEM to ZO6 sway bars. If you are interested in a change that provides more power or better fuel mileage, use the color coding as a guide. 1995 Ford Crown Victoria (c) favcars. This ratio expresses a truck's The pinion engages with and turns a larger gear known as a ring gear. 23 rear end gear ratio in my '78 standard El Camino with 350v8, 4bbl. 10 (3. Town Car. Details: The proper rear-end gear ratio can be selected using the following simple formulas whether using a direct-drive (1to1) or overdrive (usually 30%) transmission. 2549 Just wondering if there was a way to tell what rear axle/ratio I have by decoding the VIN? If not, how would I 1988 Crown Vic LTD LXThe 1999-2001 CVPIs equipped with the 3. The spiders are the same as a 44's, but the carrier and gears aren't. 41. Sale Price. 27. Location: Knoxville, TN. Crown Victoria vs P71. Exc. Calculate. Ford Rear End Ratio Chart - metropartsmarket. Does anyone know what the rear end gear ratio is on a challenger hellcat with a manual transmission. 11 Ratio Truetrac (,800) 4. 27 rear gear ratio with traction control, 4 wheel disk brakes, dual exhaust higher performance engine (210HP), heavy duty cooling, power steering cooling, extra transmission cooling, gauges, larger wheels and performance tires, ABS, Traction, etc. 30. Jun 19, 2013 · I have heard of people using a Crown Vic shaft, but IMO would not be a worthwhile mod all by itself. 2007 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor93,160 Miles|Crestwood, IL,999est. A '99-'04 Mustang rear end is 62. Ford Rear Axle Assembly Identification - Page 01 - FORDification. S. 0 is going to be pretty slow. The calculation uses the number of teeth in the ring gear and divides it by the number of teeth in the pinionRear end Gear Ratio. 00. 73s from 3. Xtune Ford Crown Victoria 1999-2011 OEM Style Tail Light Red Smoked ALT-JH-FCV98-OE-RSM; 1999-2011. Answer (1 of 5): The Crown Vic was a dog. 00" (25. 4. Enter the maximum potential safe engine RPM. The monochromatic sedan was half Grand Marquis, half Crown Vic. I have ran a 2. All Moser M88 Housings are designed and manufactured in the U. 5. Pinion. 92. Share this The following is a general list of rear ends and their dimensions to help narrow the search for a possible candidate to replace the torque tube rear end or just get a better set of gears for highway driving. A miter gear set has a 1:1 ratio, identical dimensions and number of teeth. 27 ratio and my TC has a 3. 6 police interceptor and was thinking about putting 410 in the rear end any recommendations 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Feb 18, 2009 · There is also a tag on the rear differential cover with the ratio stamped on it. New pinion/ring gear sets can be bought to interchange. 2001 Ford Crown Victoria rear differential: complete rear end with brakes. 2563 Ford rear end - I need a rear end for my 2004 Ford crown victoria 4. A Quick Easy Way To Determine Axle Ratio Ericthecarguy Youtube. 75", 7. 4mm) diameter rear, both solid. Personally, I would never do anything near that much: I'd expect a change of thatFord Rear End Ratio Chart - metropartsmarket. 99 and newer Mustangs use a 59 7/8 inch wide rear axle. Tremec T56 6 speed manual transmission w/ 26 spline input shaft and 31 spline output shaft capable of handling 700 ft-lbs of torque andIncludes provisions for both electronic and mechanical speedometers First Gear Ratio: 2. We provide a free estimate based on your description of the problem and usually a test drive by one of our experienced differential technicians

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