Here in this program, I am using the Indian format of calculating income tax. 05) and the total sales tax (county print "and the program will calculate how much it costs with tax. py. Check if entered value for income is greater than 0. if income . Related Programs: python program to calculate the area semi perimeter and perimeter of a triangle; python program to calculate the standard deviation; python program to calculate the hcf gcd Hello friends! In this tutorial, we will build a Python program that can help us to calculate income tax based on given conditions. Raw. income = float ( input ( "Enter the annual income: " )) tax = 0. 5percent) and amount of state sales tax (state sales taxrate is . The program is to ask the user to enter the total sales for the month, then calculate and display the the following, the amount of county sale (county sales tax is 2. Each taxpayer is represented with a person's SSN, name, and income. Python program to calculate Income tax Tax of 10% on each dollar of income after ,000. 0. " #Create tax function that takes price and tax_rate as imputs and returns the total price. Mar 13, 2017 · I can't get this program in Python 3. Remember that conditions are not fixed as income tax format can vary from country to country. TwoStepTax. 3. Write a Python program to do the following: Prompt the user to enter the appropriate data. First Python Program - 2 step simple income tax calculator. return total. 5 to run and not sure what I did wrong. Sep 30, 2021 · print('The tax for the income ', givenincome, '=', taxAmount) Output: Enter some random salary = 1200000 The tax for the income 1200000 = 115000. def calculate_tax ( price, tax_rate ): total = price + ( price * tax_rate) total = round ( total, 2) #round it to 2 decimal places. If yes, calculate and display person's name, SSN, and tax

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