(Photo by Reinhold Thiele, from Getty Images’ book “Decades of the 20th Century—1900s” by Nick Yapp, scanned by WeirdVintage) (Source: amazon. Some are real, some are clearly fake. Discover a correlation: find new correlations. We have built some of the world's fastest and most accurate image recognition APIs. Historical photos can reveal how far we’ve come when it comes to sports…. The Newest, Most Viewed, and Funniest Pictures Menu and widgets Jon Strange Photography Mysterious People - Is a website containing unbelievable tales of the apparently paranormal. Expand your perspective with these 40 stellar photos from our last The Blanton Museum of Art and the Harry Ransom Center at The University of Texas at Austin present Wildly Strange: The Photographs of Ralph Eugene Meatyard. Welcome to the Life is Strange Optional Photos locations guide that helps you find the total of 50 Optional Photos locations for the five episodes of the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One & PC graphic adventure game. Dare to Differ ― Matthew Goldfinger. 1k voters 812k views. After all, studying for your history exam would be a pain in the ass without pictures to break the monotony. So, here are top 20 strange creatures from world's most famous legends and theirSome of the photos we've found of trailer parks and the people living in them leave us simply scratching our heads. Property of Medjugorje USA. peopleofwalmart Who are the people of Walmart? Funny you should ask. 1900. The following islands are simply strange. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Creature Life Cycle - On a board near the pedestal. Some say this is supposed to signify Lucifer. But some images have withstood scrutiny over time. In this new video from 40 Historical Files channel we will show you 30 historical photographs from the early 20th Century that CAN'T BE EXPLAINED 📸 Don't f Dec 31, 2020 · Virtual vacation: Amazing travel photos from 2020. In particular, death jewelry was a popular way to commemorate the recently deceased. The odd & Mysterious Man at the South Forks Bridge in Canada (1941) 2. Giovanna Boldrini. Join us as we investigate 10 real photos that can't be explained. (111-SC-203924). April 19, 1945. Dope collection of weird trippy pictures to look at when your HIGH. If you find some of your photos here, please let 13 Weird And Mysterious Satellite Photos That Nobody Can Explain Yet. The object looks like a wheel and many compared it with Deep Space Nine from the Star Trek series. pictures and photos. Turtle") from China, carved within a single boulder and still attached (with Heidi beside it to show his size). Investigating Tom's strange activity at the model agency (Kira's new clue). 20. Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. There are still simple pleasures to be found out there, whether it's a bird feces that looks like something else, or a food item that's doing something weird. 4. Share on Facebook "Either Camp David's clocks are wrong or the photos are from before March 28, when London went ahead on Daylight Savings Time, but Moscow didn't," Becker wrote on Heritage Images/Getty Images / Getty Images. No attribution, all CC0 free images. Views: 801 Votes: 1. "First picture of 2021, clicked by my (heart emoji) Misha Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness has some new promotional images. ”. Later as the character … Feb 25, 2012 · The 21 Best Trail Cam Images The Internet Has To Offer Posted by Ryan on February 25th, 2012 We recently covered the release of a reported image of Bigfoot captured by a trail cam and my subsequent research Google search on trail cam images led me down a rabbit-hole from which I am just now emerging. Some people come up with conspiracy theories or justifications to explain these strange The Weird, Strange, Bizarre & Odd Stuff. . Very strange selection of photos that can scare and cheer. com: WarriorJohn A43 Freaky ODD Bizarre Circus Side Show Weird Hands Strange Creepy Vintage Photo: Posters & Prints The story: Legend has it that in orbit around the Earth is a mysterious, dark object which dates back perhaps 13 000 years. Here, we provide you the proof with this series of entertaining animations and photos. The painting is a scene of the Madonna, Saint John, and baby Jesus, and most notably- a little blob in Oct 08, 2017 · Strange and beautiful things under a microscope – in pictures The eyes of a jumping spider, magnified 6x, from the Nikon Small World photography competition 2017, where photographers and Mar 18, 2021 · Photos Show Strange Sea Creatures Unveiled by Mega-Iceberg Breaking in Antarctica. This is a thread of those photos. True life is often far stranger than fiction. "Weird Al" Yankovic. All images Copyright Chet Strange. The latest upscaling model could handle all kinds of photographs. #1 This commuter looks unhappy about the view. At the time of the photograph, Erin was battling leukemia. com, via weirdvintage) Imagine walking down the stairs at night to meet this! 2. cursed images are all over. Feb 15, 2016 · 30 Very Funny Weird Face Pictures And Photos. 05. Jan 21, 2022 · 1. ; View the sources of every statistic in the book. 000 folks. 19 Photos That Are Downright Disturbing. New Photos application strange 2015. Feb 15, 2016 · Funny Weird Meme Valentines Day Is Around The Corner Image. She makes herself fall so she can pick herselfNotice the strange bottom of the UFO picture, it's unlike many we see high in the sky and appears to be some kind of UFO Picture Canada 1978 - Nice Photo taken of a UFO above Hamilton, Canada. Doctor Strange Photos posted in Movies category and wallpaper original resolution is 2560x1562px. 36 Unexplained Funny Photos That Require a 2nd Look. Here the sun is behind the garage, rising in the East, and then reflecting off the windows of the house onto the garage doors opposite. strange photos 3 Açıklaması. "Teenager breaks his own blindfolded puzzle cube speed record. The Bizarre Photo of a Giant Snake-Like Creature. Designed and sold by Ric-Sauce. ……. Image Source: az-deteto. Gabriel H. Share Tweet. A war as extensive and long-lasting as World War II produces an incalculable number of artifacts. Boys will be boys! Army Pfc. They are simply made to baffle us every time Find Strange stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Find the latest weird news stories, photos and videos. 5 Disturbing Video Mysteries. Looks like he just jumped out of ventilation. Select from premium Strange of the highest quality. Kahn's Manta Ray. If you've ever taken a picture of a spinning propeller New Funny Pictures posted every couple of hours on the new and improves LOLPIX. 29 photos et 14 affiches du film Doctor Strange réalisé par Scott Derrickson avec Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Tilda Swinton. View Gallery. This photo is actually dates back to 1934. From how Stonehenge came to be, to D. 632. Little Nightmares. Share. If you don't know this trend by now, just browse any one of these websites and pages to see an endless amount of cursed images that we feel are coming from the far corners of the world and virtual world. Creepy little dude. Thread starter Kasparov. Save the Date! Read more. Nov 27, 2020 · 7. Of all We all have that one photo of ourselves that is so funny that we will never delete it from our phone. Thanks for sharing these interesting pictures with the world! Best UFO Sightings Of Jan 2016. . Vintage photographs always fascinate us; they depict how people lived before, how they suffered, how they fought, how they survived, and how they scared others. BROWSE ART and PHOTOS. Andrew shares a fascinating Web3 idea of decentralized file storage using file hashes. Raymond Gasiorowski takes Leipzig, his company's pet puppy, for a walk in Leipzig, Germany. Barking isn’t just for the dogs. The Mysterious Mummified Finger - 15 Inches Long. In this new video from 40 Historical Files channel we will show you 30 historical photographs from the early 20th Century that CAN'T BE EXPLAINED 📸 Don't f mentalfloss. Director: Ari Aster www. Download and use 700+ strange stock photos for free. Spider-ManGorgeous high-resolution free photos. 23 Weird and Disturbing Images. Animals doing Weird Stuff. Sep 11, 2021 · The Week in Pictures: Long Strange Trip Edition The most incredible thing about the many incredible things to note on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is who is leading the country right now. By Gabriel H. A collection of funniest pictures and photos all on the Daily Star. Includes odd writing prompts like write “a list 12 paź 2019 Cool trippy pictures that takes your mind on a LSD trip. (Vintage Weird Photos)” as Want to Read: Want to Read saving…33 Amazing And Strange Photographs That Will Blow Your Mind. The weird thing they were dragging along with them was only visible in the picture I took. ARTISTS. Over the years, David Hasselhoff has participated in several very unusual photoshoots. #2 Raise your hand if you actually tried doing this. Describe a photo or picture. Info - WiKi. Sanchez BuzzFeed News Photo Essay Editor. Advertisement. . Imagined by a GANgenerative adversarial network) StyleGAN2 (Dec 2019) - Karras et al. It was fun. Please contact me for details and pricing. This famous professional wrestler, just after he committed a double-murder. Find out what other animal makes this sound in this "Weird But True!" video. Via Imgur. One of the most important scientists in history with his most important discovery. Aliens UFOs Give Mystery Burns: 2 2. Be inspired, get your work seen, and win prizes in our daily photo competitions. 14. Start date Nov 10, 2015. Throughout the 20th century, countless photographers clamored to document the changing world around them. com/watcOne explanation for these unexplained photos comes from the mythology of the native Māori people of New Zealand. uk/exhibitions/known-and-strange-photographs-from-the-collection Known and Strange: Photographs from the Collection Room 101, Photography Centre – The Sir Elton John and David Furnish Gallery. If It’s Strange, Creepy, Bizarre, Or Extremely Odd, You Can Find It Here! January 28, 2020 Murder House Renovation TV Show Series Coming In April January 26, 2020. 13. This photo turned up on the Virtual Museum of Canada website, an online repository of "Canada's The event certainly drew a crowd. Kahn was fishing off the coast of New Jersey when he landed this 20-foot-long, 5,000-pound manta ray. ac. Views: 766 Votes: 4. You wake up in a strange, surreal-looking place. youtube. Find the best Strange stock photos for your project. Disturbing Kid Drawings That Will Give You The Creeps. Look close enough and you may see it in places you'd never believe. 237 286 11. Charles found the old book when he was 12 years old. See more ideas about funny pictures, weird pictures, people of walmart. 130 109 35. You might think why? Here is the reason how people of Walmart entertain you and make your day. Weird Scientist. By Internet standards, a perfectly timed photo occurs when two of the following three conditions are met: 1. Stand-up & Jokes. Royal Flycatcher. Fossil Discovery Center of Madera County. And though these images were primarily made to be sold, it's impossible to think anyone would choose these even they were free stock photos. Normal one. 6 of 56. Selective focus Cute brown cow at the meadow. Technology… 3. A weird mysterious photo, indeed. “A male Gerenuk stands guard – Kenya. Paul Seaburn June 29, 2016. Chat with random people in private free chat rooms | Mobile Chat Rooms - Teen Chat -Stranger Chat - Omegle Chat, Free Chat - Chatrooms, Online Chat Rooms, random chat app & chat site. These images are part of the book Weird War Two, a book from the Imperial War Museums that explores the stranger side of the Second World War. Total. 3 minute read. Related Images: alienfantasyuforobotmonsterhorrorsurrealmysticalmysterious. Her decision not to go through an affair withGenerated photos are created from scratch by AI systems. Reporting from a Drug Fire A funny reporter with a buzz reporting burning drugs. You might recognize the picture above from a meme called “Hide the Pain Harold. The photo's on this page are not here to thrill the faithful but a small hope for a Doubting Thomas who may happen upon this page. While being outside get close to the statue and take a photo of it. com is all you need!There's this strange dilemma going on in that some of the songs are frankly quite horrible. These images are part of the book Weird War Two, a book from the Imperial War Museums that explores the stranger side of the Second World War. Dec 7, 2017 · 6 min read. Here are some of the creepiest photographs from history that depict evil experiments, serial killers, paranormal things, and some of humanity's darkest sides. Find articles, slideshows and more. Worst, strangest, weirdest photos selected from your family photo albums selected and published in a single article for your entertainment (or embarrassment). The photographers of Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Weird GIFs. If you like funny pictures, you have come to the right place – The Funny Beaver. of 20. The corpse was found thanks to a dog that brought home a badly decomposed human forearm to its master. The red planet is a really weird place and in addition to these faces, a lot of other strange photos were made here: floating spoon, Martian Andre the Giant and several happy faces. 3. In this new video from 40 Historical Files channel we will show you 30 historical photographs from the early 20th Century that CAN'T BE EXPLAINED 📸 Don't fRemember every unexplained pictures time a Shuttle used to go up and they would attach cameras. The Strange Picture Of A. It's called the Progressive Scan Effect and here's why it happens. Mar 12, 2014 · 40 Strange People You Could Never Believe Actually Exist! The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever; 20 Clumsy Dogs Who Just Don’t Know How Gigantic They Are! 30 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken; This Photographer Visited 37 Countries To Prove That Female Beauty Is Everywhere Strange Paranormal Gallery 128 It should also be mentioned that many of the photos & stories posted are submissions from contributors for display on this web site Nov 17, 2021 · Welcome to Pictofacts, Cracked’s first game show ever where we bring the real pictures and comedians guess the weird facts. I hope you enjoy your time here and please come visit us often! July 8-10 2022. 2. Aug 10, 2020 · 6. During the recording of their next album, Morrison Hotel, in November 1969, Morrison again found himself in trouble with the law afterFeatured photos New interesting Fresh uploads Photo on the map. Recover anime details and remove artifacts when upscaling Anime photos to 4K. We are a Husband and Wife team who work together to operate our photography business 'Strange Download Strange images and photos. Code for training your own . This unexplainable photos seems that the cameras are also good for picking out strange pyramids on the moon. When you understand that this is Russia in the 60's it makes sense 1 sty 2018 Year in Space Pictures: Strange moons, fiery launches and rough landings. Post an image. Perfect Time. young woman sitting on hassock wearing sunglasses and blowing bubblegum - strange situations stock Browse 6,080 strange family stock photos and images available, or search for quirky family or awkward family photo to find more great stock photos and pictures. Cute, weird and everything in between," she wrote on Instagram Stories. Enquiries Embed Search millions of historic photos. 40 domestic (up to 10 stickers shipped at once!) Andy Cush · 11/04/15 12:34PM. Sep 04, 2021 · The atrocities that many of these men probably committed are disgusting. 29 WTF Images That Will Haunt You. 3,352 likes · 2 talking about this. These illusions often come in two distinct forms. The strange thing was that when I stood …. Live Pictures. The position and shape of a tree, with air blowing upward, also helped keep Stuckie as he was, Dixon said. Man looking at the camera with a weird face. This Beautiful Country May Surprise Many Tourists. Rare Brown Panda. These strange looking objects are not swimming pools but evaporation ponds of potassium chloride. Loki Doctor Strange Spider-Man Tony Stark Iron Man Scarlet Witch. Here's something from Google Street Views… by Waqas. Posted on October 16, 2017, at 5:02 p. gold round vintage photo frame 3d illustration. Hot New Top Rising. Perfect Place. 1 /29. comWeird Instagram Captions. In this new video from 40 Historical Files channel we will show you 30 historical photographs from the early 20th Century that CAN'T BE EXPLAINED 📸 Don't f Stock/Hire Images. Randolph's Journal - Part 10 - On a table behind the pedestal Doctor Strange often uses illusions during battle. Well the notion is that great space vids and pics help wow the public and also help trace accidents. Are they real or just clever forgeries? Even if you dismiss in paranormal phenomena like ghosts or Bigfoot, these photos will make you think twice. January 19, 2022 by StreetViewFun. Stock photos are made to be sold but it's impossible to think anyone would buy these. Table of Contents Episode 1:NASA. Why is there a card game at an ATM? Why are there people dressed as penguins on the subway? And who would ever vacuum snow?44 Weird Pictures Straight From The Internet's Nether Regions . Promote Your Page Too The Quaker State, the Keystone State, the Coal State – Pennsylvania is called them all. Anime. Emerging from the darkest parts of the internet, the true origins of these strange and mysterious old photos remain unknown. Hey. Having friends was weird . In some speaking exams you have to talk about photos or pictures. Strange scary girl with dolls in hands. Stunning Russian Saucer, 2013. The park bought the Nov 18, 2015 · More weird and wonderful facts and pictures in Andrea Mills’ Strange but True, illustrated by Stuart Jackson Carter and published by DK Books – available from the Guardian bookshop. Culled from the darkest parts of the internet, the following mysterious and eerie photographs appeared online as enigmas, without explanation or context. Photo of a real Huggy Wuggy toy. Bizzare Funny Weird Crazy Odd Strange photos. But the following strange stock photo pictures don't just lack any sort of practical purpose—they're a glimpse into madness. squid game This 13-foot Squid Game doll draws crowds, not blood Popkin. Don't shoot! That Dec 16, 2019 · If that isn't weird enough, some corn stalks lofted by the tornado became encased in ice, pelting the surrounding countryside with "cornhail", according to Pampa resident, Johnny Goodson. In this new video from 40 Historical Files channel we will show you 30 historical photographs from the early 20th Century that CAN'T BE EXPLAINED 📸 Don't f Jan 24, 2018 · While doing my job researching photos for various stories, I always come across more interesting images than I need, or photos that are unrelated to the story yet are still remarkable, strange 15. Saucer Sightings 2015. Here are some common mistakes that we see on Photofeeler. 29 Strange Photos That Are Flat Out Dumbfounding. ". Twitter Users Notice Strange Detail in Photos of Biden at Camp David - Are Pics from Before March 28th? By Isa Cox August 16, 2021 at 12:49pm . See more ideas about old photos, vintage photos, weird old photos. You’ll see everything from what might be demons or Here are some of the creepiest photographs from history that depict evil experiments, serial killers, paranormal things, and some of humanity’s darkest sides. These images record some of the most awful and appalling things that have happened in the past. Sports. 1k votes 21. About first 3 photos. Albert Einstein Feb 08, 2014 · Found Shit is a compilation of pictures and videos. 198 Followers, 311 Following, 12 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Маша🍓 (@1_strange_girl_)Delivery & Pickup Options - 120 reviews of Strange Brew "One of Greenwood's unique places to hang out. Join us as we try to determine what kind of man says to himself, "If I take a picture of a dog holding an axe, people will buy it. In this new video from 40 Historical Files channel we will show you 30 historical photographs from the early 20th Century that CAN'T BE EXPLAINED 📸 Don't f Jan 24, 2022 · A compendium of interesting places, hidden wonders, and strange stories from history weird accidents A large fire in New Jersey burned a business that sells fire extinguishers Carla Sinclair. Jul 27, 2020 · One explanation for these unexplained photos comes from the mythology of the native Māori people of New Zealand. Thank you. Themes from monstrosities to creatures to weird science in relation to the fantastic or of the supernatural with art and literature dating back several centuries; from the Cornell University. Narwhal are known as the unicorns of the sea. Disney parks are often referred to as the most magical place on Earth. dernières photos. You …………. According to the founders, The People Of Walmart blog was created in 2009 after its creators took a trip to a South Carolina Walmart and noticed a woman who "looked like a stripper" in a T-shirt that read "go f*** yourself" while accompanied by a two-year-old. Photography Quotes. It protests the lynching of Black Americans, with lyrics that compare the victims to the fruit of trees. Bright Side gathered 18 of the most curious photos 24 Weird Photos That Are Literally Hard to Explain. Links to other brain teasers and puzzle sites too. Here's a list of 32 unexplained photos that will leave you pondering, confused, and at times, creeped out: Page Contents [ show] 1 1. Here are 29 grim photos that tell shocking stories. Clefugly / imgur. are usually about a crime or a strange event. FYI, some of these photos may or may not be cursed. In this new video from 40 Historical Files channel we will show you 30 historical photographs from the early 20th Century that CAN'T BE EXPLAINED 📸 Don't f Here is another collection of 31 VERY funny pictures. The seemingly bleak icy surfaces of these moons are in fact among the most active landscapes in the solar system. Strange man with a big flat head over blue. From a grandma teaching a group of All it takes is a few clicks and you can find yourself in a dark corner with weird pictures that will leave your brain in a puddle of confusion. 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' Debuts Teaser Trailer and Poster. Jan 29, 2010 · See photos of strange-looking sea creatures (including sea pens, blob sculpins, and more) in this oceans life photo gallery from National Geographic. Mashup. m. Fotosearch - Pasaules fotogrāfiju fonds - One Web Site TM. 37 Weird, Wild, Wacky and WTF Pics. Gallery. With over 100 attractions around the world, Ripley Entertainment continues to grow through Jun 26, 2013 · Show and share your support of the uniqueness of our great city with a Keep Portland Weird bumper sticker. And now, the space agency wants your input on what images to acquire next. Xaniel / izismile. This is a composite of 4 different frames. This world belongs to the weird ones, and the weird ones become kings. Here are some of the most embarrassing David Hasselhoff photos and video clips of all time. Jun 18, 2021 · Weird Google Maps images are all over the internet, and here are some of the most bizarre snaps! Google Maps boasts its ability to showcase the entire world through a user's computer screen. Walmart is the world's largest company by revenue, which makes it no surprise that it attracts one multifarious crowd. Whether you’re building your first gallery wall, redecorating your space, or looking to impress your next client, our dedicated team is here to help you turn your project into reality. It was a book of frightening ghost stories but without Author MB Forde compiled a list of some of the world’s most terrifying unexplained phenomena, weird places, and strange photos. She is 18 maj 2020 In 2016, Curiosity took a sweet photo of the Kimberley Waypoint in Gale Crater, but a number of people noticed a strange light off in the 13 kwi 2019 The birth of photography which came in the second half of the 19th century was considered to be one of the greatest technological wonders One day I was going through my phone to see what photo's I have taken on a trip. take photos in the museum. Nicolas Nova/Flickr/CC BY 2. Life of stranger who stole my phone. com by Getty Images offers a curated selection of ready-to-hang photographs with a range of framing options. When I consider all that these people lived through — world wars, the Depression, epidemics with no medicine — I'm given a far longer view. 29 Cursed Pics that are Haunting My Nightmares. A war as extensive and long-lasting as World War II produces an incalculable Mar 07, 2020 · Below is the list of top 10 weird places on google earth that you should check out. The strange scary girl with dolls in hands. Strange lights appear as Medjugorje visionary prays over pilgrims, sorry we lost source info on this pic. man with giant balloon dog - strange things stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Generate images from text descriptions Perfectly Timed Photos. Funny Weird Meme When Someone Remembers Your Name Picture. Perhaps it should be a thing to either cover the windows with curtains or don't have a window at all in your bathroom. We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the creepiest unexplained photos they've ever taken. If they are not, enjoy this funny collection. That’s all we want really – great images that will stand the test of time. ""'Strange Fruit' is a song recorded by Billie Holiday in 1939, written by Abel Meeropol and published in 1937. Cute cow at the meadow. Start by marking “The Creepiest Vintage Photos Ever Taken, Volume 1: Strange. and Nvidia. Their art is displayed in homes, studios, galleries, restaurants and Walmart stores are the best fun providers in the world. May 30, 2021 · Some of these photos share a glimpse into the world of ghosts and ghouls, while others depict spooky scenarios that were clearly of man's design. Art & Design. Horses diving off of 50-foot bridges. 20 Strange Photos Taken in Brazil. Funny Weird Meme White Obama Your Argument Is Invalid Picture. Mysterious People includes articles on alleged psychic Nina Kulagina, and the infamous 19th century spirit medium Florence W elcome to Weird California! Throughout the rest of this site, we invite you to take the strange path through California. In the picture, the main looks like he’s trying to smile. Join us on a romp through the universe as we look at wondrous images from space, including a Game of Thrones symbol 9 wrz 2014 From the shocking to the hilarious, these are twelve of my absolute favorite strange history photos. A few of these images are of things we can't explain, most of which will probably make you utter something along the lines of “Oh, hell no. Don't panic. #14 Is Just Killer! Capturing a brilliant photos requires a great amount of time, patience, and 12 lis 2016 There is no doubt at this point that the odd team photos Wales have been producing before international matches is no mistake. Featuring a selection of contemporary ghost pictures from this blog along with several new images, leading Fortean and paranormal expert Gordon Rutter explores an intriguing collection of shadowy figures, strange mists and ghostly apparitions. Models are learning how to generate images from captions, a sign that they’re getting better at understanding our world. The gift shop is open We collect FOUND stuff: love letter, birthday cards, kids’ homework, to-do lists, ticket stubs, poetry on napkins, receipts, doodles - anything that gives a glimpse into someone else’s life. Will U Marry Me. Download and use 40 Life Is Strange Wallpapers for Free. List slides. According to Māori legend, creatures known as taniwha live in the deep, dark parts of rivers, lakes, and oceans. A quick sketch of Huggy Wuggy, tryTinEye products. Atsisiųskite 8 Steve strange paveikslėlius (-ių) ir standartines (-ių) fotografijas (-ų). 911 likes. They have local bands play, and local art shown. by Kevin Barrett December 26, 2017, 11:30 pm 27. We the faithful should not need to see unusual photo's to believe, we have our faith!!! Faith is the power to believe without seeing!! In this new video from 40 Historical Files channel we will show you 30 historical photographs from the early 20th Century that CAN'T BE EXPLAINED 📸 Don't f Jul 27, 2017 · Take a look at these cringe-worthy photos compiled by Bored Panda that show the weirdest and funniest stuff you can encounter beneath the city. Launch Gallery. Answer (1 of 50): Babushka Lady When JFK was assassinated in 1963, most in attendance understandably ducked for cover as shots rang out. But we like to call it the weird state, because there’s enough strange stuff going on here to fill an encyclopedia, or better yet, a book appropriately called Weird Pennsylvania. Now, it usually takes something big and flashy to impress people, but this isn't always the case. All Optional Photos for Episode 1 - Life is Strange Walkthrough We hunt down all 10 optional photos that you can take during Episode 1 of Life is Strange. The STEREO project of NASA (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) released in February photos that seemed to include a strange looking object, something we would call UFO

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